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Mailing Address: REX
7720 Paragon Road
Dayton, Ohio, USA 45459
Operator & Voice Mail:     (937) 276-3931
Fax: (937) 276-8643

REX American Resources Corporation, headquartered in Dayton Ohio.

In fiscal 2009 REX completed its transformation out of retail as we closed our remaining retail locations. Recognizing the Company's transition primarily into alternative energy, on June 10, 2010, we changed the Company's name to: 


as it more closely reflects the Company's focus today. In conjunction with the name change we also changed our stock symbol to "REX." We think these changes help build awareness and recognition for our company within the investment community, as well as facilitate the number of relevant investment opportunities that are brought to us.

REX American Resources senior management, members of the Board of Directors and guests commemorate the
30th anniversary of the company's listing on the NYSE with the ringing of The Closing BellĀ® on April 7,2016.

REX American Resources senior management and members of the Board of Directors on the floor of the NYSE.
Left to right: Douglas L. Bruggeman, Mervyn L. Alphonso, Edward M. Kress, Zafar A. Rizvi, Stuart A. Rose,
David S. Harris and Lee Fisher. Not pictured: Lawrence Tomchin, Charles A. Elcan.

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