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XBRL Files

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REX-1st QTR 20160430.xml
REX-1st QTR 20160430.xsd
REX-1st QTR 20160430_cal.xml
REX-1st QTR 20160430_def.xml
REX-1st QTR 20160430_lab.xml
REX-1st QTR 20160430_pre.xml
REX-2nd QTR 20160731.xml
REX-2nd QTR 20160731.xsd
REX-2nd QTR 20160731_cal.xml
REX-2nd QTR 20160731_def.xml
REX-2nd QTR 20160731_lab.xml
REX-2nd QTR 20160731_pre.xml
REX-3rd QTR 20161031.xml
REX-3rd QTR 20161031.xsd
REX-3rd QTR 20161031_cal.xml
REX-3rd QTR 20161031_def.xml
REX-3rd QTR 20161031_lab.xml
REX-3rd QTR 20161031_pre.xml
REX-4th QTR 20170131.xml
REX-4th QTR 20170131.xsd
REX-4th QTR 20170131_cal.xml
REX-4th QTR 20170131_def.xml
REX-4th QTR 20170131_lab.xml
REX-4th QTR 20170131_pre.xml

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